Z.I Athélia II

178 avenue du Serpolet

13600 La Ciotat 

Tel: 0442981430


An international dimension

Biotechni uses its human, technical and financial resources to develop on every continent. From Europe to Japan, Biotechni provides a presence of international dimension.


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Experience and Excellency

Biotechni is a certified company that is concerned first and foremost with customer and user satisfaction and compliance with regulations.

With its international network and its numerous patents, Biotechni positionned itself as an innovating leader on an ever changing market.


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Made in France

Mixing up knowledge and a master technic in its field, Biotechni affirms itself as a key French manufacturer.

In new premises of 24 748 ft², Biotechni conceives, makes and markets a wide evolutionary range of orthopaedic implants and associated instruments.

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A highly qualified team

Thanks to a very qualified team, Biotechni conducts its clinical studies evaluation and follow-ups working closely with well known orthopaedy surgeons. Those internal studies demonstrated that the performances of the products exceeded 98% of success rate. 

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Important dates

1984 : Creation of Biotechni S.A.S in Marseille by Serge Calamel, the company is specialized in the production and commercialisation of orthopaedic instruments and implants destined for medical use.

1985:  First shoulder implant on the market: ARTE. The launching of this prothesis will be the beggining of a wide innovation process that is still evoluting nowadays.

1990: Biotechni invests in machines with big production capacity, therefore developing its national and international presence.

1994 : Biotechni is for the first time certified ISO9001 by the SGS organization.

2002 : In order to give a new impulse to its production, Biotechni settles in its new structure of 24748 ft2 in La Ciotat, a strategic city.


Our International presence